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Top Europe Ski Destinations

Top Europe Ski Destinations

Are you searching for the top Europe Ski Destination? Europe has established itself as the ultimate skiing heaven for people who want to get a special thrill every winter. Whether you are a novice or have skied severally, the following ski destinations will make your winter more enthralling and unforgettable.

Val Thorens

Val Thorens is a famous resort for being the highest located hotel. It is located at 2,300 meters above sea level and is, therefore, the best in the globe with 3 vallees. Here, visitors can enjoy the best skiing atmosphere to ensure that their holiday is unique, sporty, and stylish. Check them out to book your ticket, have some very good time with skiing coaches, and ski like a professional.

Alps d’Huez

This is a paradise for people who cherish lots of snow and outdoor activities. It is a great ski resort with a long history tracing back to 1936. It is located at a1860 meters altitude on the Famous Grandes Rousses ranges. Skiers enjoy the panoramic view of the expansive French section. This is not all. Travel to The Alps d’Huez to also enjoy a host of other cultural events, sports, and outdoor activities.

Francois Longchamp

St. Francois Longchamp is located between 1650 meters and 1450meters of altitude that provide an expansive stretch of ski area. One unique thing about the area is that it has something for all. Whether you are a pro, old, young, team, or even entire family, be sure of getting a thrill of a lifetime in this picturesque region. For little children, this destination is ideal for dog sledge sliding and PiouPiou lessons while more experienced people go for group sledging and night skiing.

Barqueira Beret

This is a full resort that has 3 main sections, Bonaigua, Baqueira, and Beret that have unique characteristics and well-positioned pistes for skiers. If you are a novice, the idea place is Beret which is accessible on foot and ski trails are not as steep. However, professional skiers can opt to use Bonaigua or Baqueira that are steeper and ideal for bigger challenges.

Are Resort

When skiers describe Are as the best paradise; it is the plain truth. This Swedish resort is among the largest in North Europe and has some of the best ski trails. Whether you want simple ski sessions for novices and children or very challenging experience, you are sure of getting the best at Are. The adjacent slopes are also ideal for telemark, snowboarding, and even carving to guarantee skiers of events diversity.

Saalbach Hinterglemm

This ski destination is located in Austria and is the largest in the country. Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm resorts use modern lifts to take skiers to ski in or ski out on the smooth fascinating mountain slopes. The unique thing about Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm is that trainers will always be with you until you can make the perfect moves to enjoy every minute of it.


5 Top Winter Mountain Activities

5 Top Winter Mountain Activities

As people usher in winter after a long period of warm climate, the joy that comes with it cannot be hidden. It is time to get outdoors and head to the mountains. With snow and more snow everywhere, the long winter will no doubt be more enthralling. To enjoy even more whether alone, as a team, or with the entire family, take some moment to figure out about the best activities. In this post, we bring you 5 top winter mountain sports that you should do this winter.


Skiing is the most enthralling activity when mountains get covered with snow. To ski, you will need to get to the highest point of the mountain mainly using pistes, mountain lifts, and helicopters in some cases. Wearing the skis, you slide down following the snowline and changing the angle of motion to alter the speed. If you want to enjoy even more, you can consider skiing at night and accelerate at full speed when going past the well-lit trails.


Snowshoeing is trekking through the mountain to experience the nature’s diversity. The activity involves a group of snowshoers who walk through different trails to sample mountain wildlife, vegetation, and culture of the local communities. If you drove to the resort, this is a great activity to connect with local communities and learn something about their cultures. It is important to have a guide when trekking on the mountain in winter.

Snow tubing

If you want to slide on snow with the entire family especially little children, a better way to catch the thrill is tubing. You take a mountain lift, sit on different tubes, and slide down the magic carpet holding hands to the foot of the hill. You can also snow tube as a team or even individually on smooth trails.

Soak in hot springs

There is nothing as enthralling as enjoying a naturally heated Jacuzzi in a winter resort. Take some moment to select the resorts with natural hot springs or are located close to them such as Piestany in Slovakia and Bains De Dorres in France. The springs give a unique opportunity to enjoy nature and appreciate its mysteries.

Go for a mountain tour on a hot air balloon

When snow covers the mountain, it forms enthralling picturesque sceneries. Using a hot air balloon, you can move up to the highest point seeing steep cliffs, falling snow, and people skiing from top to bottom. A balloon will also help you to see massive slow moving down (avalanches) in steeper areas to appreciate the uniqueness of nature.